Every day we receive many iMac and iMac Pro with its connector directly ripped or shredded. For the reason that the screen is not removed with the correct procedure. Many of the users have had this problem after trying to install an SSD Disk, or doing some cleaning on the iMac fans.

This is an failure with easy solution for us, we have to clean the area of ​​the old connector, prepare the new connector and re-weld it, the last step is to verify the welding points, to ensure that it will not fail in a short time.

The answer of Apple or Bar Genius, in this situation, is directly the change of motherboard, which makes the repair much more expensive, in iRepairs, the answer is to repair iMac screen connector, since we have the experience and qualified personnel , as to perform these repairs.

We always recommend that Apple computers be repaired or updated by qualified personnel, not by “a friend or family member”, an Apple computer is not any computer, the pieces are more delicate, and that carries the risk of damaging the equipment, such as It can be this occasion.

Contact us by phone 933 900 524, or by filling out the form in the Contact section. You can also visit us at our repair centre during office hours. And remember, we are the only ones offering an up to 12 months guarantee in any repair.

2009-2011 21,5" / 27″ 220 € 12 Months 24 hrs / 48 hrs
2012-2016 21,5 / 27″ 260 € 12 Months 24 hrs / 48 hrs

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