Free diagnosis

    To find the serial number go to >About this Mac or on the back of the device packaging

    We repair all models of Mac Pro, including those vintage, discontinued. Our technicians are highly qualified and have extensive experience in Mac computers.

    In iRepairs we offer a complete service for your Mac Pro from updates to the repair of the motherboard or the graphics card. We also offer replacement service for the following items: hard disk change, SSD disk change, memory change. We can also recover the data from your hard drive.

    The diagnosis and shipping are free if you decide to repair your Mac Pro. Contact us by phone 933 900 524, or by filling out the form in the Contact section. You can also visit us at our repair center during office hours. And remember, we are the only ones offering an up to 12 months guarantee in any repair.


    We repair all the Mac, iPhone and iPad devices