iMac graphics card repair

iMac graphics card repair

We are the only ones giving you a 12 month warranty in Graphics Card repairs for iMac and other Apple devices (as Macbook, MacPro, Mac Mini, etc.)

Why does the Graphics Card fail in Apple computers?

iMac graphics card repair ¿Why does the graphics card fail? The reason for this lies in the computer overheating, which makes the graphics chip fail after several situations of “heating/cooling”.
To avoid the failure to happen again, at iRepairs we replace the graphics chip for a new one, and we solder it back to the motherboard using a more flexible tin, in this way the failure won’t happen again.

12 month warranty in our repairs

Why do we give you a longer warranty than Apple? Easy, Apple’s business doesn’t lie on repairs.

Thanks to our expertise we work with providers in Shenzhen, China, which provide us with the same components used by motherboard manufacturers for Apple.
At our repair centre we work with the following chips: AMD Radeon, Nvidia Geforce, and Intel HD Graphics

Original Graphics Chip

We have graphics chips at our repair centre so we can repair your iMac in a few days. Your device will be repaired and ready in 7 days. We can also offer you our Urgent Repair Service with which your iMac will be repaired in 48 hours.

repair imac graphic card
repair imac graphics

Which are the symptoms of graphics card failure?

  1. Lines appearing on the screen, and image distortion (fuzzy images).
  2. The computer turns on but after a few seconds it turns off.
  3. The computer turns on but there is no image on the screen (blank screen), or on an external screen.
  4. There are other factors that may indicate graphics card failure, but they will probably be motherboard failures.

For more information you can contact our technical team in the Contact section, by phone 933 900 524, or visit us at our repair centre in Barcelona.