Our technical service is expert in screen repair. Original screens, even retina screens, have no secret for us. Thus, although we change screens of iMac or iMac Pro we can also repair them, depending on the failure we produce, we give the client options to assess which option is the most interesting.

For example, a very common error in the 27-inch iMac is the darkening of the left side screen, we have the solution to this common failure in the screens of iMac 27″. The problem is caused by excess heat in the welding area, on the left side. Repairing this fault requires expertise that few technicians are capable of performing. You have to disassemble the screen by layers, and get to the solder, to retouch it with tin, and place a better protection to avoid heat.

Contact us by phone 933 900 524, or by filling out the form in the Contact section. You can also visit us at our repair center during office hours. And remember, we are the only ones offering an up to 12 months guarantee in any repair.

iMac screen replacement pricing

2009-2011 21.5″ 210 € 6 Months 12 hrs / 48hrs
2012-2014 21.5″ 480 € 12 months 10 / 15 days
2009-2011 27″ 320 € 6 months 12 hrs / 48hrs
2012-2017 27″ 680 € 12 months 10 / 15 days

*Includes shipping and VAT.

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    To find the serial number go to >About this Mac or on the back of the device packaging

    Como reparar tu Mac con iRepairs
    FAQ about iMac screen replacement

    Is the screen of your iMac black?

    If the screen on your iMac is black, it could be a screen failure or a graphics card failure. First we should check if the screen is working. We need to have the device at our lab so we can check it.

    Is the screen of your iMac half black or dark?

    We have the solution for this common failure on iMac 27″ screens. The problem is caused by the excessive temperature in the soldering area, on the left side. Behind this area, we would find the CPU heat sink and the power supply. Thus the temperature in this area is really high. Excessive temperature affects directly on the soldering, making it lose some of its properties. The soldering will lose contact too, so half of the iMac screen will look dark, less bright or black.

    Other technical services may not offer this kind of repair service. It is a really difficult repair and must be performed by highly qualified technicians. The screen should be disassembled by layers to reach the soldering and then improve this soldering with tin. Then a better protection should be put to avoid the overheating.


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