Macbook screen replacement

Screen replacement for all Macbook Air / Pro models

At iRepairs, Apple Technical Service, we are experts on Macbook screen repairs. We repair screens with broken glass and screens with broken LCD (if the screen glass is not broken). We repair any type of Macbook screen; Retina and previous screens of any size. We will replace the screen for a new one if needed.

Sometimes when the screen is not working we could mistake a screen problem for a problem with the graphics card or the motherboard. If there is no breaking in the screen but however the screen is not working and you can hear the fan moving, and also the “chime sound”, it is likely to be a problem with the graphics card.

Replace your screen with iRepairs

Price will depend on the size of the screen, and whether it is a Retina or a previous model. From 220 € all included we would repair the smallest screen (non Retina). Instead of making your own diagnosis, it is better that you contact us and we will help you solve any problem you are experiencing with your Macbook screen. Your device will be repaired and ready usually in 7 days. However, it is better if you ask us, depending on the amount of work at our repair centre that would change. We also offer an urgent service (extra charge of 60€) with which you will have your computer back in 48 hours.
Ask us for a no-obligation estimate in the Contact section, by phone 933 900 524 or visit us at our repair centre in Barcelona.
We perform any Macbook repair.

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