Free diagnosis

    To find the serial number go to >About this Mac or on the back of the device packaging

    We repair iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad Pro

    Our high-level technical-computer professionals with years of experience in repairing Mac computers can completely disassemble the iPad device and bring it back to life, replacing or repairing parts of the tablet.

    We can carry out these repairs on all models, although sometimes the repair is not worth it. We will advise you so you can decide what is best for you with information. Furthermore, we can also repair your iPad:

    • iPad speaker replacement.
    • iPad antenna replacement (signal and Wi-Fi).
    • iPad battery repair.
    • iPad Home button replacement.
    • iPad Power button replacement.
    • iPad earphone connector replacement.
    • USB charge dock connector replacement.
    • iPad screen repair.
    • iPad LCD screen display replacement.
    • iPad microphone replacement.

    Contact us by phone 933 900 524, or by filling out the form in the Contact section. You can also visit us at our repair center during office hours. And remember, we are the only ones offering an up to 12 months guarantee in any repair.


    We repair all the Mac, iPhone and iPad devices