Macbook battery replacement

Battery replacement and maintenance for all Macbook models



Battery replacement

In the most recent Macbook models with Retina it is really difficult to replace the battery. It is almost impossible for a user with no experience working with hardware, but we make it possible. After 1000 charge cycles the useful life of batteries is coming to an end (learn more about battery charge cycles here). After that, the battery would present many problems, so it is highly recommended to replace it for a new one. We use the most reliable batteries on the market with European certification (CE marking) and with the same quality as the Apple original batteries. These batteries are more affordable and cheaper, becoming the cheapest alternative with the best quality. In addition we always offer a 12 month total warranty.

Problems with Macbook batteries

These are the common problems with Macbook batteries:

  1. Battery doesn’t hold charge
  2. Battery doesn’t charge
  3. Battery doesn’t charge to 100%
  4. The device doesn’t recognize the battery
  5. Low battery warning doesn’t appear

Instead of making your own diagnosis, it is better that you contact us. We will help you solve any problem with your Macbook.

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How to replace a Macbook battery

Apple has released many Macbook models with different specifications. If you have a Macbook previous to the Retina models, it would probably have a removable battery. You would only need to purchase a new one and replace it. However, we highly recommend you to bring us your Macbook. We will perform a cleaning and maintenance service to extend its life.
Otherwise, you would have to open the computer and would see the battery. These batteries are usually expensive, but we can perform the replacement effortless and offering you an affordable price. We could also replace your old battery for a new original Apple one, but the service would be more expensive. On computers with integrated battery we replace only the battery, avoiding trackpad replacement and its extra charge, as technicians in the official Apple technical service always do.
Ask us for a no-obligation estimate in the Contact section, by phone 933 900 524 or visit us at our repair centre in Barcelona.