The battery change is different depending on the model of MacBook, in some models the battery is removable, and you can get batteries to change it easily. However, you can also order the work, the battery change includes a cleaning and quick review of your computer. It is convenient to perform a minimum of maintenance over the years of use …

Change the battery

In the most recent MacBook models with Retina, it is really difficult to replace the battery. It is almost impossible for a user with no experience working with hardware, but we make it possible. After 1000 charge cycles, the useful life of batteries is coming to an end (learn more about battery charge cycles here). After that, the battery would present many problems, so it is highly recommended to replace it for a new one. We use the most reliable batteries on the market with European certification (CE marking) and with the same quality as the original batteries. These batteries are more affordable and cheaper, becoming the cheapest alternative with the best quality. In addition, we always offer a 12-month total warranty.

Instead of making your own diagnosis, it is better that you contact us. We will help you solve any problem with your MacBook.

Contact us by phone 933 900 524, or by filling out the form in the Contact section. You can also visit us at our repair center during office hours. And remember, we are the only ones offering an up to 12 months guarantee in any repair.

Macbook battery replacement pricing

2009-2012 13" - 15″ 130 € 12 months 1hrs / 24 hrs.
Retina 2012-2015 13" - 15″ 210 € 12 months 1hrs / 24 hrs.
Pro Retina 2016-2020 13" - 15″ 210 € 12 months 1hrs / 24 hrs.
Air 2013-2017 13" - 15″ 130 € 12 months 1hrs / 24 hrs.
Air 2018 - 2020 13″ 210 € 12 months 1hrs / 24 hrs.

*Includes shipping and VAT.

Ask for a budget

    To find the serial number go to >About this Mac or on the back of the device packaging

    irepairs sercicio tecnico apple
    FAQ about Macbook battery

    What are the most common battery errors?

    1. Battery doesn’t hold charge
    2. Battery doesn’t charge
    3. Battery doesn’t charge to 100%
    4. The device doesn’t recognize the battery
    5. Low battery warning doesn’t appear

    How to replace the battery?

    The brand has released many MacBook models with different specifications. If you have a MacBook previous to the Retina models, it would probably have a removable battery. You would only need to purchase a new one and replace it. However, we highly recommend you to bring us your MacBook. We will perform a cleaning and maintenance service to extend its life.

    Otherwise, you would have to open the computer and would see the battery. These batteries are usually expensive, but we can perform the replacement effortless and offering you an affordable price. We could also replace your old battery for a new original one, but the service would be more expensive. On computers with integrated battery we replace only the battery, avoiding trackpad replacement and its extra charge, as technicians in the official technical service always do.


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