The most common problem is failure caused by liquid spillage (Coffee, Tea, Water, etc.). This would provoke that some keys work and others not, or the keyboard wouldn’t work at all. The only solution is to replace the Macbook keyboard.

Unlike Apple Stores or Official Apple Technical Services, at iRepairs, we replace only the keyboard and not the whole Top case. This reduces the cost of the replacement and thus the final price for the service will be more affordable. We use original components.

Original Apple keyboards

We’ve got many keyboards at our repair centre, so we can offer you an urgent repair. In only two hours your device will be working at 100% again. Just by replacing the keyboard, your Macbook would look totally different. If the Top case is broken, we could also replace it for a new one.

Contact us by phone 933 900 524, or by filling out the form in the Contact section. You can also visit us at our repair centre during office hours. And remember, we are the only ones offering an up to 12 months guarantee in any repair.

Macbook keyboard replacement pricing

2009-2012 13" - 15″ 150 € 12 Months 12 hrs / 48hrs
2012-2015 Retina 13" - 15″ 170 € 12 Months 12 hrs / 48hrs
2015-2018 Retina 13" - 15″ 210 € 12 Months 12 hrs / 48hrs

*Includes shipping and VAT.

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