iMac motherboard repair

Repair your iMac at iRepairs with a 12 Month warranty

Thanks to our expertise and the appropriate equipment we are able to repair it. The process for this kind of repair (by liquid spillage; water, tea, coffee, wine, etc.) will take 7 days.

Aunque parece una reparación absurda, en ocasiones suele suceder, derrame líquido o también la humedad del ambiente, produce una falla en la placa base o en la fuente del iMac, esto hace que el ordenador Apple, deje de encender, y que no responda al encendido.

iMac motherboard repair

iMac wet motherboard

Liquid spillage

We repair iMac motherboards which are damaged by humidity or by liquid spillage.
As absurd as it may appear, it happens sometimes. The spillage of liquids or even the environmental humidity produce motherboard or power supply failures on the iMac. That will make computers to stop working and don’t turn on.

iMac motherboard repair

Electrical failure

Por subida de tensión o fallo de la red eléctrica.

By power surge or power outage.
iMac motherboard repair. Sometimes a power supply failure could produce a motherboard failure. In that case the Macbook may not turn on, or it may turn on for a while and then turn off.
Remember that we will repair your iMac motherboard in 7 days or in 48 hours with our urgent repair service.

When do I need to get my iMac motherboard repaired?

  • The computer doesn’t turn on when pressing the power button.
  • When plug in the iMac, it provokes a short circuit and takes the power from the other plugs.
  • The iMac generates too much heat and produces beeps.
  • The iMac turns on and the fans are moving, but the screen is blank.
  • Other damage could produce motherboard failure on the latest iMac models. Processors, Graphics cards and Sound cards are soldered to the motherboard, so a simple change becomes impossible. The solution for this is micro-soldering and BGA soldering (which we perfectly perform).

If the motherboard can’t be repaired, we will offer you a new one (warranty included).
Ask us for a no-obligation estimate in the Contact section, by phone 933 900 524 or visit us at our repair centre in Barcelona.