When your iMac won’t start up

What to do when your iMac won’t start up

Today you arrive at your office and your Apple computer doesn’t turn on. When you press the power button the computer doesn’t turn on or boot.

If your iMac doesn’t turn on, you could try to fix it or at least to have an idea about the fault.

Paso 1 – Verificar la entrada de corriente, debemos revisar el cable de entrada de corriente, y si existe algún tipo de alargo.

Step 1 – Check your power connection. Check that the iMac is plugged in correctly and check also the power cord and any adapter you might be using.
Step 2 – If you aren’t still lucky, you should perform an electrical discharge. Disconnect all peripherals and also the power supply of the computer, and then press and hold on the power button for 30 seconds. Let the computer rest for 5 minutes and then try again to see if the Mac turns on.


If you’ve reached this step and the computer still doesn’t respond, there is a failure in the motherboard. You will find more information about this problem here.
If you hear the computer turning on, the fan works, or you can even hear the startup chime, but there is nothing displayed on the screen, it is likely that there is a failure in the graphics card. You will find more information about this problem here.

Step 3 – If you’ve reached this step, that means that your computer is not acceding the operating system (it gets stuck in the Apple logo), or there is a folder with a question mark in the screen. There are now different recovery options:

  1. 1. The first and most useful option is resetting the PVRAM and NVRAM. Turn on the computer (you will hear the startup chime) and before the grey screen appears you should hold on these keys: Command + Option + P + R. It is important to keep holding the keys down until you hear the startup chime again and check that the Mac restarts.
  2. Disconnect all accessories, including keyboard and mouse. It could happen that one of the peripherals is causing problems with the system.
  3.  The lack of space on the local disk may be the reason why the operating system is not loading up. Space on the local disk can be recovered using “Target Mode”, or also through an external system.

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