Macbook repair: liquid spillage or wet motherboard

Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro Retina

Repair your wet Macbook or with damage caused by liquid spillage, at iRepairs – Apple Technical Service. Thanks to our expertise and the appropriate equipment we are able to repair it. The process for this kind of repair (by liquid spillage; water, tea, coffee, wine, etc ) will take 7 days.

The effect of environmental humidity can cause problems in the motherboard, which will make it useless.

repair wet macbook keyboard

Keyboard Replacement

70% of computers damaged by liquid spillage apart from a motherboard repair will need also a keyboard replacement.

Repair your wet Macbook or Macbook damaged by liquid spillage. After spilling your favourite drink over your computer, the keyboard won’t probably work anymore. At iRepairs we will repair the motherboard and also offer you a keyboard replacement (Apple original). Your Macbook will look as a new one.

wet Macbook motherboard

Repair a wet Macbook … What should I do?

  1. Turn the Macbook off and disconnect the battery.
  2. Get the water off and try to dry it with a cloth.
  3. Do not use a hairdryer (or similar) to dry it!
  4. Don’t turn it on for the next 4 days.
  5. Try to check the humidity sensors so you know which parts the liquid has reached.

If your Macbook motherboard presents little damage we could try to repair it (warranty included).

In case the motherboard is totally damaged, we will offer you a new motherboard (warranty included).

Ask us for a no-obligation estimate in the Contact section, by phone 933 900 524 or visit us at our repair centre in Barcelona.