When do I need to replace the hard drive from my iMac?

Is there a flashing folder with a question mark?

replace imac hard drive
replace imac ssd hard drive

This failure could happen in any of the iMac models. If the failure is located in an important sector of the hard drive, the iMac will be unable to boot the Mac OS, and the folder with the question mark will appear. If this folder appears it means that your iMac is unable to find the start-up disk.

This repair could be performed by a user with some knowledge on hardware, but it is always better if you bring your computer to our repair centre and it is repaired by a technician. On our blog you could read about common damage that happens when we try to open an iMac having no experience.

If you want to replace your iMac hard drive we strongly recommend you the installation of a SSD hard drive, which is ten times faster than the mechanical hard drive.

It is important to try to recover some security copy, from Time Machine or a manual backup, since it is likely that we have lost some personal data or system configuration data.

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