Is the screen of your iMac black?

Do you hear the chime sound (gong) and other sounds from your iMac but the screen is black? We can help you.

If the screen on your iMac is black, it could be a screen failure or a graphics card failure. First we should check if the screen is working. We need to have the device at our lab so we can check it.
We will perform all the necessary tests at our lab to specify the reason for the failure on your iMac. Common failures are: Screen, Graphics Card, and Screen Connector to the motherboard.
User data won’t be affected when this kind of failure happens. However it is always better if we have a security copy of our data.

imac black screen

Your device will be repaired and ready in 7 days. We also offer an urgent repair service.

The price of this repair depends on the screen size and the iMac year of fabrication.
Remember that we offer a 365 days warranty. We offer a free collection/delivery service anywhere in Spain. Our team is highly qualified and experienced on the repair of Apple computers.
Ask us for a no-obligation estimate in the Contact section, by phone 933 900 524 or visit us at our repair centre in Barcelona.