How to keep your MacBook clean without having any problem

Everyone who has a MacBook has had to deal with fingerprints and dust marks on the body of the device. Keeping your device clean is never easy, and we always give up to not end up throwing the device on the floor.

MacBooks are made of glass or aluminum materials that make them very susceptible to fingerprints. Fortunately, they are easy to clean and have few moving parts, which makes them easy to clean. However, the difficulty begins when dirt accumulates inside, causing overheating and subsequent internal breakdowns.

The environment: the main cause.

It has always been said that keeping your workspace clean helps with concentration, but not only does it help with that, it also helps to keep your MacBook clean. By having an environment free of dust and dirt, your MacBook is less exposed to dust and dirt infiltration, so this prevents hardware problems.

Keep a macbook clean
This is what a MacBook looks like with dirt and dust on it
Keep a macbook clean
This is how it looks after cleaning

How to maintain your MacBook?

To keep your MacBook clean, you will first need to remove any contamination from the exterior, using specialized cleaning solutions. This includes removing stickers and fingerprints from the chassis, as well as dirt from the outside of the machine and the environment. You should also regularly clean the vents on the bottom of the terminal with a dry cloth or compressed air solution. This prevents dust, debris and other substances from accumulating inside your MacBook over time.

Once you have removed all visible dirt from the terminal, it is time to start cleaning all internal components. The keyboard should be carefully cleaned with a soft brush, while all ports should be cleaned with sterile cotton swabs.  

Regular maintenance will prevent buildup from occurring in the first place. While Apple makes MacBooks resistant to physical damage with their design, they are still susceptible to dirt through weak internal elements such as wireless chips and dust buildup inside power supplies. Regular cleaning keeps both the physical and internal components in check, ensuring the maximum lifespan of Apple’s line of notebooks.