Apple has classified my device as vintage. What happens now?

As proud owners of an Apple device, we would love that it would work perfectly for a lifetime. The truth is that Apple is a high quality brand; its devices have a long life and don’t give us too many problems. The price of a MacBook or an iMac remains the same for a longer time than the price of computers from other brands. However, Apple has a very strict classification policy for its devices. When a specific period of time passes, all Apple products become vintage products. In this blog entry we will explain the characteristics of the devices classified as vintage products. We will also explain what happens when your computer has been classified as vintage.

What is an Apple vintage product?

The main difference between an old device and a vintage device is the time since they stopped been manufactured. Apple vintage products are those that haven’t been manufactured for more than 5 years. After 7 years, it is considered obsolete. After that time, in most countries there is no technical service or spare parts for those products, which leaves users helpless if they need a repair. This usually happens to all devices, at some point they no longer have the capacity to use specific programs or operating systems. But Apple has taken this fact a step further; they have established very short terms for programmed obsolescence.

What happens when you have a vintage device

Once a device is part of the list of vintage products, Apple stops providing support service completely. Users will no longer receive support from Apple or have the possibility to order replacement parts. According to Apple, not even external suppliers or Apple Stores will offer service.

This means that if your iPhone, iPad or Mac has been classified as vintage, and your device has any operating problems, Apple will not help you. Therefore, if you own a computer that has broken down or has operating problems and needs to be repaired, none of the official Apple Stores or official technical services will repair it. This is the reason why it is important to know whether your device appears on the list of products that may still receive support or not.

How to know if you own a vintage device

If you have questions about whether your device is classified as vintage or not, you could ask at an Apple Store or check Apple’s website. On its website, there is a full updated list of all products manufactured by Apple since the origin of the brand that are now classified as vintage. If the name of your model and its date of manufacture appear on the list, Apple will not provide support if you need some parts or a repair for your device.

Areas where these rules apply differently

There are only a few exceptions to Apple’s rules for vintage products. Products purchased in California (US) or Turkey may get service for 7 years after the product is no longer manufactured, instead of 5 years. There are also some exceptions in France. Therefore, in some cases you may try to find spare parts in these areas to repair your device. Although that will not be an easy task.

Is having a vintage product a problem?

If your device is functioning properly, there should not be problems when using it. As we already said, Apple manufactures high quality devices that are designed to work for a long time. However, if for some reason there is a fault, a breakdown, a fall or you hit your computer, you will find some problems to repair it and enjoy it again.
The lack of official service and spare parts may give us more than a headache. Especially when this happens to a device that you are using a lot on a daily basis, the MacBook you use for work or your inseparable iPhone.
In addition, some devices that are older are not classified as vintage products. They are listed as obsolete products, although they may work perfectly. Obsolete products are those that have not been manufactured for more than 7 years. Apple won’t offer service or support to those products anywhere in the world.

If your vintage device breaks down, is there anything you can do?

After reading the previous information, you may think that a functioning problem in a vintage device will relegate it to be a simple decoration for your home, but nothing is further from reality. Nowadays, in 2018, devices from 2010 or 2011 offer good features to users who don’t require a high performance and they are still sold in the second-hand market at unthinkable prices compared to other brands.

One of the options if your vintage device breaks down is to recycle it. Apple accepts some models of vintage and even obsolete products from those who wish to acquire a new Apple device. Depending on the model, Apple will offer you a discount for the purchase of a new device. Or they will take it and recycle it in an appropriate way, reducing the environmental impact that the elimination of certain materials has.
You may also repair your device at a non-official technical service such as ours. At iRepairs we will repair any Apple device, we have many years of experience in doing so and we have repaired Apple devices from several generations. This may be the best option if you want to continue using you device and extend its life as much as possible without spending large sums of money. Apple may have classified your device as discontinued and old, but your device may still be great and work properly. In fact, there are MacBooks, iPads and other devices that continue to work perfectly beyond the date set by Apple to consider them vintage or obsolete.

What to keep in mind when repairing an Apple vintage device

If you decide to repair your device, you should use a trustworthy technical service. Going to a technical service specialized in Apple devices will ensure that your device will work in the best possible way.
Another factor that must be taken into account is to go to a technical service that offers a warranty. Some repair technicians simply place second-hand parts or rebuilt parts on your computer, but they don’t guarantee that this repair will work; this may even make the situation worse so it may end being a waste of money. We see this on a daily basis and many times we refuse to repair computers that have been handled by unqualified technicians (it’s extremely difficult to repair the multiple damages or it can even be irreparable if they have deformed the boards). A good repair service must be clear and reliable, and tell their customers whether the repair is possible or not, providing a guarantee that it will be successful. If it is not possible to repair your computer, a trustworthy technician will tell you the truth. You may keep it as a souvenir or recycle it.

So now you know, before losing all hope contact us and we will advise you on the viability of giving a second life to your Mac. We are a team of technicians specialized in Apple devices. Every day we repair many vintage and obsolete devices, which have been forgotten by Apple, especially MacBook and iMac.